"Our door is always open to the perfect staff."

The head of everything is "Human being"

In each work that it puts in priority; Çilek believes that the most valuable asset is human beings, who are aiming at superior quality, who are open to development, who are open to learning, who believe in innovation and differentiation, and who are distinguished from dynamic and participating young individuals.

“We know that behind Çilek's success lies a quality and happy human power."

Our recruitment principles

Çilek employs individuals, who have the potential to comply with its basic abilities, values and corporate culture, have high energy, and are capable of keeping in pace with change, by assuming the impartiality and opportunity equality principles.

You may visit the Job opportunities page where currently available positions are announced, and may apply by sending your CV to ik@cilek.com address in order to become a member of the Çilek family.

Çilek Academy

Çilek employs the basic competencies and institutions that adopt the principles of fairness, impartiality and equality of opportunity, which are capable of adapting to the cultural heritage, with high energy, capable of meeting the changing needs.

To become a member of the Çilek family, you can apply by visiting the Job Opportunities page where available positions are available or by sending your CV to ik@cilek.com

Çilek Academy supports the development of employees through training activities and prepares them for the future.

In Çilek, a good orientation is made, trainings are held, assessed and archived in cases where the need is felt.

Internship Opportunities

Çilek prepares them for the business life by supporting their development with the internship opportunities provided to high school, vocational college and university students. Official internships are accepted.

Internship applications are made by sending CV (photographed) and official internship form to ik@cilek.com. Internships are held in two terms, summer and winter.

Internship Opportunities

Requirements for Students to be Interned

It is a prerequisite for students who want to do an internship at Çilek Mobilya A.Ş to have their internships required for their studies and to finish their 3rd or 4th year of 4 year faculties in summer term. Vocational High School students can apply without regard to first or second grade. Preferably, the level in which the student learns is related to the company's business and processes and the level of success is considered important.

Summer Term Internship

Summer semester Internships are held between June and September. During the two-week Çilek summer holiday period held in July, internship requests are not accepted.

Summer term internship applications (Vocational High School / Vocational School / University) are taken from ik@cilek.com. Positive or negative feedbacks regarding the acceptance of internship after the application period are made to students' e-mail addresses.

Performance Management System (PMS)

Measures and rewards the performance of employees with Çilek PMS and plans their future careers.

Performance Management System (PMS)