Çilek Furniture has observed the ability to offer unique designs as an indispensible value within the company culture since its foundation.

Çilek Design Hub is the first firm in the sector that has received a Design Center Certificate by being approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

It is a design hub that is composed of industrial designers, architects and graphic designers at Çilek General Directorate headquarters, as the “core”, the “hub” of design.

It has collected all product, graphics, visual merchandising and store design processes, starting from the emergence of a product up to the time it meets with the customers in the stores, in-house under a single roof, and has assumed the goal of generating a single, common language.

The design team appends its signature under unique, ergonomic, innovative, entertaining, qualified, safe and environment friendly designs, which decorate the dreams of teenagers and children, observe their needs, and offer new feelings and new experiences, with the motto of “producing dreams”.